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The Recommended Sets in Queue Management Systems Queue Management Systems exist in different categories that are adopted respectively to attain proper flows of business operations. Depending on the nature of an organization, different users may have their distinct ways of ensuring that their clients are well handled.  Some of these sets include a live queue, virtue queue, multiple virtual queues, and call by number set.


  1. The Live Queue Management System

This technique is mostly applied inhigh traffic settings such as the airports and food stores that are often characterised by limited space for cashiers.  Here, there are screens that usually displayed via the media and are remote controlled. Cashiers use the display to welcome one customer at a time and also use it to inform their customers to be ready as they wait for their turns. Usually, in this type of setups, you will find customers sitting at a strategic point waiting for their turns to meet the cashier and gain the services that they require.

  1. The Virtual Queue Management System

In this type of set up, customers are allowed to take care of their other businesses as they wait for their turn. They only wait for their names or numbers called by their service providers for them to know that it is their turn to seek the services that they wanted. This kind of set in mainly used in pharmacies, electronic shops and bakeries. Clients can go around checking and comparing prices of different items on the shelves as they wait to hear their names called.

  1. The Multiple Virtual Queues Management System

Here, there are multiple services that are offered and it is upon a client to group themselves according to the services they need and get their waiting numbers. This mainly occurs in bank branches, post services, and warranty services. For example, in a bank, there are clients who seek to take a loan whileothers want to withdraw cash and other seeking to send money, or maybe they want to create other bank accounts. Here, different customers will have to wait for their respective services as well as wait to be called depending on their waiting numbers.

  1. The Call By Number Queue Management System

This type of set up is found mainly in gas stations, fast food restaurants and warehouses where it involves a very short time to prepare client’s order. Here, it is the role of the customer to follow the order number printed on their checks for them to know when they have reached their turns to gain access to the services that they are in need of. It is the role of the worker in the business premise to ensure that their customers are aware of when their turn to seek their services is approaching. All they need to do is to dial the number of the order with their remotes and when the numbers appear on the display, the client will be able to know the right time to seek their services from the institutions they have sought their preferred services.

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